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Lianteng trains corporate culture for employees

Lianteng trains corporate culture for employees

Since its establishment more than ten years ago, Lianteng packaging machinery has not only focused on the development and production of various packaging machinery, but also paid attention to enhance the understanding of corporate culture of employees.

Lianteng has always insisted that people-oriented is the first factor in productivity, which is not only the main body of the enterprise, but also the core of enterprise management.Lianteng machinery is a school from the talent concept of “building factories and educating people first”.It is also the cultural connotation of a warm “home”, which puts people in the first place of enterprise management.Centering on the idea of serving employees wholeheartedly, the company carries out cultural construction work, striving to create a cultural atmosphere full of internal vitality, strong cohesion, and winning customers’ trust and support externally.

At the same time, Lianteng stresses the seriousness of the standardization construction of our company.Standard is the “law” of the enterprise, all activities of the enterprise should be carried out within the framework of the standard, “standard first, general manager second standard before everyone is equal”, this is the consistent standard of lianteng standardization construction.The chairman thinks.Replacing “rule by man” with “rule by law” can overcome personal will and emotion.Thought deviation and analysis error cause the fluctuation of enterprise development.Established a set of scientific and reasonable standards to manage the enterprise, standardize the behavior of employees.This is conducive to ensure the long-term and stable development of the enterprise.

The last point of corporate culture is to develop the enterprise with quality. Lianteng agrees that quality is the life of the enterprise and the product represents the character.People don’t think about how to cope and overwhelm their opponents.Instead, we focus on how to lead all competitors in terms of product quality.Because “Lianteng” people believe that in the market economy, competitors will always exist, only good management, improve product technology content is the key to dominate the market.Lianteng company always adheres to the quality policy of “providing high-quality goods to the society”, strives for survival by quality, strives for development by reputation, and constantly increases the investment in technological transformation and new product research and development.Think of quality as business survival.The cornerstone of development and the golden key.

I believe that as long as we always adhere to the corporate culture, Lianteng will be able to create better packaging machinery for you, and bring more perfect services for our customers.

Post time: Jul-24-2020